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S Massie Consulting LLC provides export consulting, customized EAR and ITAR compliance programs, and targeted training for companies to navigate the complicated laws and regulations for US exports.

Export compliance is a topic that, if not properly addressed, could create major challenges for your company. Penalties for violating US export law can include up to $1.2m in fines and 20 years imprisonment per violation, loss of export privileges, and more.

The purpose of an Export Compliance Program (ECP) or an ITAR Compliance Program (ICP) is to create a set of written policies and procedures that help your company operate its ITAR and/or export activities in accordance with US Government regulations. Investing in an ECP/ICP that is well integrated into your current business processes can lend predictability, consistency, and security to your export transactions and serves as a training program for employees.

Does your current program have:

  • Clearly documented determinations for each product or technology:
    (1) jurisdiction under ITAR or EAR and (2) classification codes
  • Written policies and step-by-step export procedures by department
  • Tiered export compliance training for ALL employees
  • Checks and safeguards throughout all ITAR and export processes
  • Screening of parties and activities and tagging of ITAR products from supplier to end-user
  • Continuous monitoring and audit systems to ensure compliance and to detect, report and correct potential violations
  • Detailed record keeping practices
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