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2020 Translantic Aerospace & Defense

08:00 - 13:03 Online

Hosted by British-American Business Connections and the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, and presented by Boeing, join us this December to explore the state of the U.S., UK, and European aerospace and defense sectors, and supply chain opportunities. Expert speakers will share supply chain intelligence, insights into the global industry recovery, perspectives on the future of air travel post-COVID-19, and more, including a preview of DSEI 2021 in London and how you can be involved and connect on a global scale.



Changing Our Flight Plan, Engineering the Road to Recovery Mark your calendar for PNAA's annual aerospace conference on February 8-11, 2021. We are gearing up for what will be the most interesting conference to date, as the aerospace industry continues to shift through current events. Although we don't know how the world will be different in six months, we do know that the latest market intelligence, insights from key industry leaders and our collaborative engagement will help you plan and develop your aerospace company in the year ahead. Stay tuned, as we will be adding information to our website shortly on our upcoming flagship event.


2020-11-23 11:20:27

Webinar - to thrive or just survive

Top solutions in manufacturing provide a powerful webinar

2020-09-04 12:20:29

Aero plastics Renton WA Spotlight

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