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PNAA's Octoberfest, October 1st, 4:30P-6:30P

16:30 - 18:03 Online

have fun with PNAA - attire contest - games - prizes - networking



10:30 - 11:30 Online

discuss and solve ERP solutions


PNAA customer showcase Pioneer INdustries

11:00 - 12:30 Online

Winning the 2019 PNAA Inspire Award, Pioneer Human Services has endeavored to be a loud, unified voice for people with criminal histories, ensuring that every person they serve has an opportunity to transcend their past and be embraced as a valuable member of society, an inspiring message which can be heard and felt across the state since 1963.


AFA 15th annual summit


Reserve this date 10-14-2020 - Stay tuned for more details on this exciting summit from AFA


2020 Translantic Aerospace & Defense

08:00 - 13:03 Online

Hosted by British-American Business Connections and the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, and presented by Boeing, join us this December to explore the state of the U.S., UK, and European aerospace and defense sectors, and supply chain opportunities. Expert speakers will share supply chain intelligence, insights into the global industry recovery, perspectives on the future of air travel post-COVID-19, and more, including a preview of DSEI 2021 in London and how you can be involved and connect on a global scale.



Changing Our Flight Plan, Engineering the Road to Recovery Mark your calendar for PNAA's annual aerospace conference on February 8-11, 2021. We are gearing up for what will be the most interesting conference to date, as the aerospace industry continues to shift through current events. Although we don't know how the world will be different in six months, we do know that the latest market intelligence, insights from key industry leaders and our collaborative engagement will help you plan and develop your aerospace company in the year ahead. Stay tuned, as we will be adding information to our website shortly on our upcoming flagship event.


2020-09-04 12:20:29

Aero plastics Renton WA Spotlight

Distinctive Dependability


Aerospace Vendors offers an Enhanced Listing which is comprised of several personalized tools to make your company look great. In an era where supply chain management and efficiency is of the utmost importance, there is no better time to stand out against your competitors. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, an Enhanced Listing will increase your chances at winning that next big OEM contract.

About AV

Aerospace Vendors not only provides you with additional exposure to people within your industry, we provide you with economical value, international partnerships, and a global supply chain of aerospace vendors and manufacturers. Finding a strong partner in aerospace used to be a hit and miss proposition. Created with the support and promotion of many Trade Organizations and Economic Development groups, Aerospace Vendors eliminates the guesswork allowing you to find the right partner quickly.


Organized and detailed search capability for the global aerospace industry. Providing opportunity to seek and network with vendors and maximize workflow. Search any number of parameters, skill sets, certifications, products or services and you will quickly get a list of highly qualified manufacturing/technology companies. As well as connect with community leaders and organizations, workforce development and educational resources.


Here at Aerospace Vendors, we believe in the value of networking and community. We provide you and your company a valuable introduction tool when it comes to connecting with companies that meet your needs and standards. When you request an introduction, AV will promptly connect you with the proper contact in order to help the networking process move as efficiently as possible. Aerospace Vendors is associated with many aerospace entities including trade organizations, OEM’s, economic development councils, as well as local Tier 1 companies.