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A & G Machine

1231 37th Ave NW

Auburn, WA 98001


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  • AS 9100

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  • Boeing

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Employee Count: 51-250

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A&G specializes in manufacturing complex machined parts and mechanical assemblies for the Aerospace and Homeland Defense Industries. With A&G utilizing the latest equipment and lean manufacturing techniques our customers can meet their cost reduction objectives. This combined with our superior delivery and quality sets us apart from our competitors.

A&G Machine, Inc. has proven itself a leader in complex machining and assemblies. Our competitive edge is sustained by utilizing the latest machine equipment and lean manufacturing techniques available to the aerospace industry. Our team works very hard together to explore the best manufacturing methods for all parts produced.

-30% of all components that leave A&G are in a sub-assembly configuration providing additional value to our customers. -Privately owned -Established in 1984 -80,000SQ FT. Manufacturing space -80 employees -Operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. -We are on call for all customers 24/7 to support AOG requirements. -Strategically located within two miles of processing houses for H/T and paint. -Average employee time at A&G Machine 9 years. A&G Machine, Inc. has proven its commitment to invest in the latest equipment and technology needed to remain a leader in high speed machining of aluminum and hard metals. Our investments have enabled A&G to greatly reduce cycle times. This in turn helps our customers reach their cost reduction objectives. We have built a solid reputation over the years for producing high quality, close tolerance machine components and assemblies. View More


1 ea Makino MAG 3 high speed 5-axis X 118” Y 59” Z 39”
3 ea Makino MAG 3EX high speed 5-axis X 157” Y 59” Z 39”
1 ea Jobs LinX high speed gantry 5-axis X 322" Y 143" Z 49"
1 ea Jobs LinX high speed gantry 5-axis X 244" Y 116" Z 35"
2 ea Jobs LinX high speed gantry 5-axis X 157" Y 78" Z 27"
3 ea Okuma Millac853-PF 5-axis X 120" Y 33" Z 27"
1ea SNK 5-axis RBF 150 X 167" Y 94" Z 48"
2 ea SNK 5-axis FSP-120V X 120" Y 50" Z 24"
1 ea Hitachi Seiki 50 pallet robotic cell system consisting of 1 Penta 5-axis and 1 HGII 4-axis horizontal machining centers. X 37" Y 32" Z 30"
1 ea OKK VG5000 5-axis, X 20” Y 20” Z 24"
1 ea OKK HM-X6000 5-axis X 24" Y 24" Z 32"
1ea Mori Seiki Horizontal 5-axis X 60" Y 29" Z 33"
1ea Mori Seiki Horizontal 4-axis X 22" Y 20" Z 20"
1ea Mori Seiki Horizontal 4-axis X 32" Y 26" Z 30"
2 ea Hitachi Seiki HGII Extended travel 5-axis X 46" Y 38" Z 30"
2 ea Quantum 3-axis Vertical X 60" Y 34" Z 32"
1 ea Okuma Millac 800HV 5-axis X 40" Y 40" Z 40"
1 ea Matsurra Mam 72-100H 5 Axis X 39" Y 39" Z 30"
1 eaMatsuura Mam 72-63V 5 axis 35 pallet/3 machine cell system X 27" Y 27" Z 24"
1 ea Matuura Mam 72-63V 5 axis 6 pellet X 27" Y 27" Z 24"
2 ea Maturra Mam 72-63v 5 axis X 27" Y 27" Z 24"
3 ea Mori Seiki MV 65 5-axis Vertical mill X 60" Y 25" Z 25"
2 ea VMC Fadal XT 3-axis Vertical mill X 30" Y 16" Z 28"
Mori Seiki CNC Lathe 10 "dia. Chuck X36
1 ea OMAX Waterjet 120" 60" 0
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