AeroSpace Vendors is formed by a variety of motivated and talented members with a wide range of Skills. From web design and development, programming, data manipulation, and all media trends. Every AeroSpace Vendors team member is dedicated to providing service to the aerospace supply chain. We currently employ a multi lingual staff to enhance our service ability on a global scale. Every member of our team is highly trained and waiting to connect you to AeroSpace globally.



The AV team is dedicated to providing high quality customer service to our users. We can help you establish a presence from the ground up. We do this by making sure your profile is optimized to its fullest extent with all the credentials and keywords necessary for you to have exposure in one of the world’s largest markets. Not only can we provide you with a great profile, but we can help you plan and organize media production with graphics, videos, photos and more. And not only that, we work with valued resources like community leaders, news, events, education and workforce resources. We work to provide you with the ultimate resource tool in the aerospace industry.


Do you have questions, or want to know more? No problem! Reach out to us and we will gladly answer any inquiers you may have. AeroSpace Vendors prides itself on having excellent open and consitant communications with all of our users!


Come and follow us social media! AeroSpace Vendors will keep you up to date on current events with all the social links, to connsistently have our users up to date on aerospace affairs all across the world 24/7! So sign up now!


Join us here at Aerospace Vendors, we love to hear your feedback and ways we can improve our service to you. We are always working to come up with new ideas and networks to provide you with valued resources.

Contact Aerospace Vendors

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Contact Information

Email: info@aerospacevendors.com

The Aerospace Vendors team is highly devoted to offering premium support to all companies listed on our database site. In order to receive prompt, courteous support for whichever reason, please email any of the emails below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For all general inquiries, it is best to email info@aerospacevendors.com. A general inquiry could consist of general questions about Aerospace Vendors, general business inquiries not associated with the aerospacevendors.com website itself, and any other questions regarding AV or the functions of our website.


All support issues & problems will be handled within the support@aerospacevendors.com email. Some common issues that you would email this address for are membership problems, company listing problems, log-in problems, payment problems, and any other issues that arise that require a solution.


Antonio Salazar

Senior Program Manager

Email: antonio@aerospacevendors.com

Steve Kidd

Executive Director

Email: stevek@multiaxis.com

Andrea Cardenas

Vendor Relations Manager

Email: andrea@aerospacevendors.com

Ed Kaplanian

Researcher, Consultant

Email: ekaplanian@yahoo.com