Center of Excellence

9711 32nd Place West

Building C-80 Paine Field

Everett, WA 98204


As one of eleven Centers of Excellence in Washington State, the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing provides leadership and resources to support economic growth, focusing on aerospace and advanced manufacturing. Working strategically with our industry partners and educational institutions, we assist in developing the talent pipeline for the next generation of future workers within the aerospace industry sector.

We strategically work with the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries and are called to fulfill the Core Expectations of all Centers to focus on the following:

A central source of information on education and training services available to meet the needs of strategic industry sectors and enhance the careers of students in these sectors.

Acting as a communication conduit to Washington's education system about industry trends and hiring needs.

Work with K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and apprenticeship programs when acting as brokers of information and resources.

Engage employers and labor representatives from strategic industries in identifying both industry needs and student needs.

Identify industry skill standards and industry-based certifications.

Facilitate the creation of model programs of study that prepare students for careers in strategic industries.


Create a pool of certified students equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to meet/exceed industry expectations on both a local and regional level.


Build a skilled labor capacity by investing in college training and educational programs that support and sustain industry demand.
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Mary Kaye Bredeson - Executive Director