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Aerospace Vendors offers an Enhanced Listing which is comprised of several personalized tools to make your company look great. In an era where supply chain management and efficiency is of the utmost importance, there is no better time to stand out against your competitors. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, an Enhanced Listing will increase your chances at winning that next big OEM contract.

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  1. Search our interactive database for your company
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Aerospace Vendors offers the Enhanced Listing Membership available at three different durations. Just looking to try it out? Opt in for a monthly subscription. If you'd like to join the elite force of Enhanced Listing members for a longer duration of time, choose either the quarterly subscription or the annual subscription and receive a prorated discount.

Enhanced Listing Sample

A & G Machine
1231 37th Ave NW
Auburn, WA 98001
Office: 253 887 8433

A&G specializes in manufacturing complex machined parts and mechanical assemblies for the Aerospace and Homeland Defense Industries. With A&G utilizing the latest equipment and lean manufacturing techniques our customers can meet their cost reduction objectives. This combined with our superior delivery and quality sets us apart from our competitors.

A&G Machine, Inc. has proven itself a leader in complex machining and assemblies. Our competitive edge is sustained by utilizing the latest machine equipment and lean manufacturing techniques available to the aerospace industry. Our team works very hard together to explore the best manufacturing methods for all parts produced.

-30% of all components that leave A&G are in a sub-assembly configuration providing additional value to our customers. -Privately owned -Established in 1984 -80,000SQ FT. Manufacturing space -80 employees -Operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. -We are on call for all customers 24/7 to support AOG requirements. -Strategically located within two miles of processing houses for H/T and paint. -Average employee time at A&G Machine 9 years. A&G Machine, Inc. has proven its commitment to invest in the latest equipment and technology needed to remain a leader in high speed machining of aluminum and hard metals. Our investments have enabled A&G to greatly reduce cycle times. This in turn helps our customers reach their cost reduction objectives. We have built a solid reputation over the years for producing high quality, close tolerance machine components and assemblies.

Line of business:

Assembly, Manufacturing, Components,


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Free Listing Sample

Accra-Fab Inc

Since 1979, Accra-Fab has provided top quality custom metal fabrication and manufacturing for companies throughout the world. Accra-Fab is based in Eastern Washington near Spokane. We utilize innovative design and precision manufacturing techniques to bring powerful solutions to our customers. Our 155,000 square foot facility features extensive equipment and capabilities to perform any type of metal fabrication. Accra-Fab is totally committed to servicing our customers every step of the way, and

Aerospace Vendors Platform

Aerospace Vendors provides a platform specifically for a networking within the aerospace industry by building a custom, online database for all tiers of the aerospace supply chain. Up until now the industry has lacked a full, public database showcasing companies linked to the aerospace and aeronautical communities and Aerospace Vendors is proud to present its database for your company's networking needs.


Aerospace Vendors has a wide variety of features to act as a resource tool for your company and the aerospace industry. We do this by not only having a global database of vendors, but combine it with tools to help you use it showcase yourself, network with others, provide news & events, and connect with community leaders, education and workforce development. Everything you need to stay connected in the aerospace industry, with Aerospace Vendors.

Company Profile

Company listing’s are the ultimate tool to identify and present all of your company’s services, abilities, and accolades.

Industry Exposure

AV takes an unbiased approach to help your company stand out amongst your competitors and gain exposure with the top OEMs in the aerospace community.

Premium Support

From understanding your profile to creating custom graphics, we are fully committed to making AV a pleasant experience as well as an effective tool for the industry.

Custom Media

Each Enhanced Listing can upload multiple forms of media to their company profile including photos, videos, PDFs and more.

Request Introductions

See a company you would like to get in touch with? Aerospace Vendors will help mediate networking between companies to get you to the right contact the first time.

Advanced Keywords

We have a vast index of terms and keywords associated with the aerospace industry and services provided. Attach these keywords to your account to make search ability easier.


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