A second flight test aircraft from the MRJ regional jet program has arrived at the airframe’s US test facility in Moses Lake after a 14,000km(8699nm) journey.

FTA-4 took off from Nagoya Airfield at 09:35 local time on November 15, arriving at Grant County International airport in Washington at 06:46 local time on November 19, says Mitsubishi Aircraft. In between, the aircraft made stops at Guam International airport, Majuro International airport in Marshall Islands, Honolulu International airport and San Jose International airport.

The southbound journey took approximately 18h 43min.  This is longer than the 13h 08min that FTA-1 took with a northbound route. Mitsubishi is targeting to have four flight-test aircraft at Moses Lake by the end of 2016.  The program schedule calls for the MRJ to enter into service in mid-2018.

Source : Flightglobal/Mitsubishi Pictures

Second MRJ Arrives in Moses Lake, Washington